Women's Wednesday- Kym Klopp

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Women’s Wednesday- Kim Klopp.

For this weeks Women’s Wednesday I am showcasing Kim Klopp of Ecoexistence.

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name Kim Klopp mom of Chloe and Adam. Owner of Ecoexistence. Community member. (Kim is being modest, Ecoexistence is an amazing store on St. Clair West that carries eco friendly lifestyle products that are very unique and help the environment. She is also carrying our Girl- Lab pins now too!)

2. What do you do for self care? I travel.

3. How do you manage home, work life with a family? My life is a balancing act. My daughter is away at school and my son is finishing grade 11. Both kids are quite self sufficient, but we also have 3 dogs and my sister living with us. So I practise live work balance everyday.

Thank you Kim! I have adored you for years! Please check out Kim’s store for everything eco friendly. My goal with this project is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving and today I am trying to just be good enough. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!!

Happy Wednesday!

Women's Wednesday- Michele Crockett

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For this weeks Women’s Wednesday I am going to feature me! I am a woman and it is Wednesday. Hi! I am Michele Crockett of Michele Crockett Photography. I am a portrait photographer that focuses on newborn, kiddos, and families, but mostly I just like to make people smile. I also love photographing headshots and working for small business like myself, helping them look at their brand and their business from a visual prespective. When I am not taking pictures of people, I am making art or teaching photography at George Brown College. And when I am not there, I am hanging out with my kiddos building epic pillow forts or having a kitch dance party.

The reason I started this project #womenswednesday was because I found becoming a mom hard and I found starting a small business even harder. First and foremost I love my kids, a lot! And if you know me, you know that my life revolves around them and not the other way around. However I still find it hard to find balance between both mama and entrepreneur. So I ask my self how do I find balance? I am not sure I do, to be honest. I take a little time for me to excerise every morning before the kids go to school and these 30-60 minutes spent on me are so precious. I am so thankful to my husband for helping out with morning routine so I can have this little bit a heaven. Because I work from home, my studio or Starbucks, I find the lines between family and work get blurred a lot. First I want to write, I think it is important that my kids see me struggle, get angry, feel sad and cry, just as much as I smile and am happy! And believe me I like to smile and laugh a lot! Last year I made the commitment to only work one day on the weekend and as a family photographer who works mostly weekends, that was a hard choice. It is also a choice that makes my family very very happy!

My goal for this project is to try and stop competing with other women and start to celebrate and cherish everything we do! Because we do so so much!!! We are on a journey and for me it is about surviving the everyday. Thank you @michael_ciurleo for coming to my studio and taking this beautiful picture of me. #alwaysfollowingthelight#womensupportingwom

Women's Wednesday- Ayodele Holas

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This week's Women’s Wednesday, I will be featuring Ayodele Holas of Zipette Dresses! She is one of the most talented, creative and all around beautiful people I have ever met. Zipette Dresses are amazing forward thinking dresses that un-zips at the waist. All of her dresses are interchangeable with both styles and color. They can also be styled with other pieces in your child’s wardrobes. On top of this Ayodele is also a teacher in the in Art STart program and a most important she is the mom of three gorgeous kids.

When I asked Ayodele what her biggest challenges are being a mom of three and owning her business she states, “Trying to get everything done, while trying to spend quality time with my family.” She states to help her balance this work home life, she simply closes the door to her studio to change her focus from work to family. 

Her beautiful dresses can be purchased on her website www.zipettedress.com and are sold in Toronto at Syye Ssutu Boutique at the corner of Augusta and Dundas. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. 

My goal with Women’s Wednesday is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on this journey and for me, it feels like a roller coaster most days. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give; give it! #womenwednesday#womensupportingwomen#torontophotographer#michelecrockettphotography#zipettedresses

Women's Wednesday- Rachel Schwartzman

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For this week’s Women’s Wednesday (on Thursday due to the fact that I was photographing a sweet newborn yesterday!!), I am showcasing Rachel Schwartzman. She is a naturopathic doctor, cook extraordinaire, great mom to three very cool kids and the co- founder to The Bump to Baby show! I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel and her best friend Mira for the last three years with the Bump to Baby Show, a show that gives parents better health inspired choices for parenthood and an opportunity to shop locally.

When I asked Rachel what her biggest challenges are in being a mom of three and owning her own business, she said, “It is all about juggling time! I think many working mamas will relate to this. I have a home office, so the lines can get very blurred. I have to be very mindful to shift from one role to the other.” She also told me what helps her mange work and home life is trying to stay organized. She uses a paper day planner, which helps her see the entire week. Rachel says, “Even though work can pile up, I am good at closing the office door and spending time with my family.”

I admire this idea of closing the door to spend time with family. One of the things I love seeing Rachel do is cook delicious healthy food with her kiddos. Check Rachel out at http://www.rachelschwartzman.com and The Bump to Baby show http://thebumptobabyshow.com.

My goal as a woman and a mom is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving the ups and downs. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!!
#womenwednesday#womensupportingwomen #lovemyjob#torontophotographer #mompreneur#momboss #thebumptobabyshow

Women's Wednesdays!- Sandra Zichermann

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For this weeks Women’s Wednesday, I am show casing the amazing Sandra Zichermann of @themomrant. Sandra is a mom of three, podcaster, media personality, and has a PH.D. She is also the founder and administrator of The Mom Rant an incredible community of strong, opinionated, no-non-sense women from around the world! Who are telling it just the way it is! She facilitates content by, for and about moms. I recently had the pleasure of photographing her at @collectiveinfluenceco spring event, which ignited me to start this project. I have to admit I felt like we are totally kinder sprits, her energy, her sprit, her awesome blue glasses, I totally want us to be best friends! 

When I asked Sandra how she manages work and home life, she said, “Manage? I have yet to figure it all out! I’m basically flying by the seat of my pants, daily! My kids sure keep me on my toes and I’m grateful but overly exhausted! I think the key is not going insane. I’m almost there but haven’t hit it just yet!!!” I love this, who else is flying by the seat of their pants today? Both hands up for this mama! 

My goal as a woman and a mom is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving the ups and downs, especially this week. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!! Check out Sandra, my new best friend and The Mom Rant at www.momrant.com, She is truly an inspiration! #womensupportingwomen#themomrant #womenwednesday#supportingwomen#wearestrongertogether

Women Wednesdays!

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I have been wanting to start this project since the beginning of the year and it keeps getting pushed to the back burner when I get busy. However, last weekend I worked with the amazing women of Collective Influence and met so many amazing Canadian women who are supporting and doing really cool things. It made me want to restart this project again! I want to showcase the amazing talent and generosity that happens in this amazing neighborhood, Wychwood and Hillcrest, that I call home.

My life is not perfect! My biggest struggle is try and stay present in each moment, with my kids, with my husband and my work.

Women Wednesday’s will be showcasing amazing talented women and talking about how they balance the work home life. When women stop competing and start celebrating each other, great things happen! We all have a story and struggles, and we are on an amazing journey. Amazing things can happen when women start supporting each other! If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it! It feels good.

I recently photographed the amazing and very talented Davina, from Davina Nathan Designs. She is a multidisciplinary designer with 17 years of experience in the textile industry. She has a boutique textile design studio, offering original design for a variety of markets and end uses. She is definitely one of the best drawers that I have ever met and I am so lucky that our kids go to the same school. I look forward to seeing her amazing style grace the playground every day!

What are some of Davina challenges in being a single mom and being a self-employed artist and designer?  Keeping her new art materials & tools separate from her daughters. Which never happens because she loves to use them and reminds her that sharing is caring! But she often finds paint brushes stuck to the table with bristles of dried up paint, scribbles of notes and hearts on my water color paper, lids left off detail markers overnight, dried up before a single use! 

Advice she says, “Being a single mom is a juggling act oftentimes on fast forward. I like to be busy and thrive on a go go go schedule. I have learned it all comes down to priorities.  What needs to get done-now and what can wait. And knowing when to say...enough there is always tomorrow! 

Check out her amazing work at www.davinanathandesign.com.