Women's Wednesday- Sari Fox

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Women’s Wednesday- Sari Fox

 For this weeks Women’s Wednesday I am featuring, Sari Fox and boy does she wear many hats. She is an entrepreneur, yoga teacher, co- founder to The Yoga Weekend, a consultant, holistic life and business coach and mom to 2 beautiful little ladies. 

 1. Who are you and what do you do? 

I am a mom, yoga and mindfulness teacher, a life coach, co-founder of The Yoga Weekend and seeker of light and love! I enjoy creating communities and platforms for humans to feel connection, love and resilience.

 2. What is one thing you do for self care? 

I do so many things for self-care or I wouldn’t be functioning. As a yoga teacher, I practice 4-5 times a week and have a daily meditation practice. 

3. How do you manage home/work life with your kiddos? 

For me I look 1-2 weeks ahead in my schedule and get hyper organized so everyone knows where they are going and what needs to get done. On a daily basis, I prep my girls as much as I can for the next day and a few days ahead for me helps! I always ensure we have together time each day too, even if it’s just reading a book or having a dance party in the living room! 

 Thank you Sari, you are my yoga guru and now I want to join your living room dance parties too! You have been pushing me to new limits this year in my yoga practice and I know l will get to my handstand by the end of the year. Please check out Sari’s websites at Sari Fox and The Yoga Weekend to see the amazing things she is doing. 

 If you would like to practice yoga with her, which I strongly suggest, she is teaching at Roots Yoga Studio on Mondays at 10 and at Yoga Barre on Friday’s at 9:30. My goal with this project is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments, especially with Mothers Day right around the corner. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving and today the sun was shinning!  If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!!

Happy Wednesday!