Women's Wednesday- Rachel Schwartzman

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For this week’s Women’s Wednesday (on Thursday due to the fact that I was photographing a sweet newborn yesterday!!), I am showcasing Rachel Schwartzman. She is a naturopathic doctor, cook extraordinaire, great mom to three very cool kids and the co- founder to The Bump to Baby show! I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel and her best friend Mira for the last three years with the Bump to Baby Show, a show that gives parents better health inspired choices for parenthood and an opportunity to shop locally.

When I asked Rachel what her biggest challenges are in being a mom of three and owning her own business, she said, “It is all about juggling time! I think many working mamas will relate to this. I have a home office, so the lines can get very blurred. I have to be very mindful to shift from one role to the other.” She also told me what helps her mange work and home life is trying to stay organized. She uses a paper day planner, which helps her see the entire week. Rachel says, “Even though work can pile up, I am good at closing the office door and spending time with my family.”

I admire this idea of closing the door to spend time with family. One of the things I love seeing Rachel do is cook delicious healthy food with her kiddos. Check Rachel out at http://www.rachelschwartzman.com and The Bump to Baby show http://thebumptobabyshow.com.

My goal as a woman and a mom is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving the ups and downs. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!!
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