Women's Wednesday- Kym Klopp

2019 Kim head shot-19blog.jpg

Women’s Wednesday- Kim Klopp.

For this weeks Women’s Wednesday I am showcasing Kim Klopp of Ecoexistence.

1. Who are you and what do you do? My name Kim Klopp mom of Chloe and Adam. Owner of Ecoexistence. Community member. (Kim is being modest, Ecoexistence is an amazing store on St. Clair West that carries eco friendly lifestyle products that are very unique and help the environment. She is also carrying our Girl- Lab pins now too!)

2. What do you do for self care? I travel.

3. How do you manage home, work life with a family? My life is a balancing act. My daughter is away at school and my son is finishing grade 11. Both kids are quite self sufficient, but we also have 3 dogs and my sister living with us. So I practise live work balance everyday.

Thank you Kim! I have adored you for years! Please check out Kim’s store for everything eco friendly. My goal with this project is to stop competing with other women and start celebrating and cherishing our accomplishments. We are all on a journey and for me it is all about surviving and today I am trying to just be good enough. If you need help, ask for it; if you have help to give, give it!!

Happy Wednesday!